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My services

Listed below, is a summary of the services offered at Alteration Station.

Now, if you do not see what you need to have done listed, don't panic. Pop me a message or give me a call, and I'll be sure to see what I can do to help you.

You're always welcome to pop in for an appointment.

Charges and payments


Charges are determined based on the alterations needed, the amount of work that is due, as well as any fabrics or trims needed to be purchased for the alteration, if any.


General alteration transactions are completed via cash on collection.

(This may cost anything from R25 and up.)


For larger payments, an EFT can be made to;

Karina Fullard

Capitec Bank Savings Account

Branch Code : 470010

Account : 1579518395

03 Zippers & Buttons


-Zippers are not as well made as they used to be, chances are, it's going to strip sometime. Don't throw that garment away! Bring it to be altered.


-Why not add some pretty buttons to freshen up that scatter cushion, or blouse.

01 Alterations


- You've had one beer too many this holiday, I could always make you're cargo pants larger? (Mums the word!)


- Your wedding is this weekend, you just had to lose another dress size, and your designer hates you, not to worry! I won't purposefully leave a spiteful pin in the seam when I downsize it for you (your designer might).

02 Hems & Linings


-That white dress you love, but never wore AGAIN this summer, because it's just too see-through... I'll pop a lining in there for you.


-Finally found the perfect fitting jean, but it's made for those girls with legs for days, let me shorten the hemlines to your length.

05 General Sewing of any Kind 


If you have queries regarding re-upholstering, custom make to orders such as plus size, or baby/toddler goodies, or even if you simply wish to take a basic class to brush up on skills old, or new,  contact me regarding.

04 Beadwork


Here at Alteration Station, we also restore beaded items, or can add your beading of choice to glam up that drab ball gown your sister gave you.

06 Pattern making or measuring 


If you are in need of custom pattern blocks to be drawn up based on your measurements, and wish to do the sewing on your own, I will be happy to assist.

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